Can We Use Tinder without Facebook in 2018 ? Ways to Access Tinder

 Tinder without Facebook : The popularity of Tinder, since its launch, has grown by infinite leaps and bounds. Being downloaded in millions of numbers, undoubtedly, it is one of the highest rated applications on online application stores. Now, if you don’t know, which is highly unlikely, then let me tell you that Tinder is an application which connects you to a person, who might be interested to talk to you, on the basis of your location. Available for both Android & iOS, Tinder like most other dating apps and websites, require you to log in using your Facebook account.

Use Tinder without Facebook

Now, if you are thinking that why in the first place, Tinder is connected to Facebook then this is to enable it to get the basic information of people from their Facebook accounts so as to prevent abuse. Also, there will be no need to upload new pictures as your Facebook pictures itself will be used on Tinder. But this link of Tinder with Facebook can have its own dire consequences as listed below:

Potential Dangers of Connecting Tinder to your Facebook Account

  • Upon asking for permission to sync your contacts, if you accidentally hit ‘Yes’, Tinder will automatically go through your contacts to find a potential match for you. Now, it is quite obvious, that you don’t want that.
  • Moreover, if your Tinder account is hacked, there is a potential danger of all your dating information going Public, as your Tinder account is linked to your Facebook. Your online privacy could be seriously threatened this way.

It is because of these reasons that people are searching all over the internet that can they sign in Tinder without Facebook or whether they can log in Tinder without Facebook. Well! As of now, there is no official way through which you can de-link your Facebook account and Tinder but, definitely, there are workarounds, following which you can magnify the security settings so that any kind of potential risk is minimized.

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Do you need Facebook for Tinder? Sign in Tinder without Facebook {2018*}

  • Ramp up your Facebook privacy settings

Post log in to your Facebook account please navigate to ‘Settings’ (Lock Icon) and click on the option ‘see More Settings.’ Under this option, you need to navigate to ‘Apps’ and find ‘Tinder’ on the list. Please click and change Tinder’s ‘App Visibility’ to ‘Only Me.’

This way you are not allowing Tinder to post anything on your Facebook timeline and your friends won’t receive a notification that you are using a dating application. So, this is quite similar to sign in Tinder without a Facebook account.

  • Use a new Facebook account

This is probably the best way to log in Tinder without Facebook. You will be using a Facebook account only but not the one which you use to connect with your friends. Instead, you will be creating a new Facebook account exclusively for using with Tinder.

Post creating a new Facebook account just log out of Tinder and sign in Tinder, thereafter, with the new Facebook account.

  • Modify some Settings in Tinder

Inside ‘Settings’ of your Tinder application there will be an option named as ‘Show me on Tinder social.’

If you haven’t till now then please deselect this option. Cool! You are great to go now.

  • Requesting Developers to create a ‘Tinder no Facebook’ version

Well! This is not a workaround though but you can definitely suggest the developers enable the usage of Tinder without Facebook. All you need to do is to navigate to Settings -> Contact and leave your suggestion.

If more people join in with you demanding the same then, undoubtedly, it will have a great impact on developers and who knows they might bring about a change in their policies. No harm trying folks!

We have covered all the required information on accessing Tinder without Facebook account.If you any queries on using Tinder with no Facebook , do let us know in the comments section.

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