10 Best Android Music Player Apps 2017 | Mp3 Players [ Free & Premium ]

Top Android Music Players : The latest and greatest Android phones have amazing sound capability, and the devices usually have built-in stereo speakers that users want to take advantage of. Stereo functionality includes high-end quality from Dolby Atmos and the like – so naturally, users want to be able to use their smartphones to consume music.

There is an array of music players for Android, however, not every app is suitable for every user. For example, you may want to stream music using an Android music player app, but feel like the app uses too much data. So the best way around this is to have your very own music collection and look for the best music app offline for your phone, where you can enjoy endless tunes without much hassle.Most of the apps listed here supports latest version of Android OS.

We’ve made a list of the top trending music apps for Android for 2017, to help you narrow down the list and choose something that fits your needs best:

10 Popular Mp3 / Music Player Apps for Android 

  1. BlackPlayer : Android Music Player

black player

This Android audio player has a stream of features and has a wonderful overall user experience. The app looks really good with its minimalist design and swift transitions. This music player app is also customizable so you can enjoy your own animations, fonts, and colors. BlackPlayer music player also has an equalizer that is built-in, allowing you to get just the right levels of bass in a song. You can even set sleep timers and see embedded lyrics while your tracks are playing. Remember, you can also always add widgets to this music player app so that you can have additional functionality like controlling the playback while you’re busy with your day. BlackPlayer also comes in a free version but if you’d like to reap the full benefits of the app, you can also pay for a premium version.

Get BlackPlayer: Link 

  1. Pi Music Player

pi music player

This Android music player allows you to experience strong, eye-catching transitions across a stunning app design. The features of the music playbacks include a five-band equalizer and include a boost for the bass. Pi music player also has a virtualizer, ten presets as well as 3D reverb effects. Much like the BlackPlayer, Pi also has a sleep timer. You can also enjoy different themes on the music player, change metadata and even experience gesture support. The app also brings a unique feature that is a ringtone cutter. But what is most loved about this Android music player is that it has amazing sharing functionality – with the Pi Power Share feature, you can easily share tracks with your friends, cross-platform. You can get Pi on the free version or you can make a purchase in-app to remove ads.If you face any problem in getting the app,then log out from Google play Store & Try to sign in Again.

Download Pi Music Player :  Click here

  1. CloudPlayer : Double Twist Cloud & Offline Music Player

cloud player app

Some users have their music stored on their phones, however, you may have a huge selection of tracks and have them backed up on cloud solutions like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, then this is probably the trending music app that you need. Feel free to either download or stream music from within your cloud profiles with this app. So, naturally, CloudPlayer has a very strong element of backing up and syncing music for you – allowing you to be connected to your music at any time of the day. The app also has amazing features which include things like AirPlay and Chromecast support. Like the previous music player apps mentioned, CloudPlayer also has an equalizer, but this time it’s a 10-band equalizer. It also comes with a whopping 17 presets and a SuperCloud feature that essentially allows you to enjoy headphone enhancements. You can even customize the app and you receive support if you ever need it too. As the other apps, CloudPlayer is free but you can experience even further greatness on the premium version.

Cloudplayer Android Music AppDownload Link 

  1. GoneMAD Music Player

Gonemad music player

GoneMAD is one of the hidden gems in this list – it is a highly under-rated free Android music player app of 2017, as it has some of the best features. GoneMAD offers a swift and clean experience, where you can find a ton of available features easily. The UI is not cluttered and all in all, the app is rather good looking. GoneMAD allows you to also play in different music formats such as flac and aac. Enjoy editing different audio effects with its 16 built-in equalizer. The app also has functionality like pitch correct that is automatic and a DSP limiter. Much like the other music player apps, GoneMAD has a sleep timer, tag editing and access to lyrics apps. Enjoy over 250 customization choices throughout the app. It comes with a free 14-day trial, and you can of course pay for the full version.

GoneMad :  Download Link

  1. Stellio : Android App

stellio android app

One of the most popular Android music players and it has the amazing functionality of changing its theme according to the album art color. So essentially, your theme changes every time your album art color changes – pretty awesome! The app has crossfade, tag editing, scrobbling and many more features. Stellio also supports lossless rare formats and holds a 12 band equalizer. The app also supports playing controls from Android Wear watches, which is often a feature many users look for. The app is available on a free or premium version. Remember, the premium version allows you to unlock some innovative and funky themes and ofcourse no Ads.

Download link : Stellio App

  1. Poweramp

poweramp music player

This is an app you may have heard of previously especially if you’ve been on an Android device for a long period of time. Poweramp has a good reputation in the app world and as a result, has become one of the most popular music player apps for Android. To some, the interface of the app may seem rather complicated, however, there’s a feature list that helps you navigate through the music player much easier. Poweramp supports formats like wma, alac, flac, m3u and much more. It also has a 10 band equalizer and you can adjust bass and treble as well as enjoy mono mixing on Poweramp. The app is free for a total of 14 days, and thereafter you will need to pay for the app.

  1. Phonograph Music App : 

phonograph music app download

This app is simple and effective, but it’s rather new so many users don’t know about it. It’s definitely very good looking and you’ll see this on the “now playing” design. You can freely customize the colors and themes and you can even customize album covers. If you’re looking for a simple and effective music player app, this is the free Android music app to go for. Although it doesn’t have many of the other features as per the apps above, the few features and good design still work and work well. This music player app is free but it does come with in-app purchases if you choose to purchase these.

  1. Pulsar

pulsar android music app

This music player has become rather popular in the past few months, as it has a simple yet lightweight look and functionality to it. The clean UI also prompts you to want to use the transitions and customize the interface even further than you would usually want to. The app supports embedded lyrics, a sleep timer, and gapless playback, much like the others on the list. Pulsar also has the ability to automatically sync album and artist visuals if your tracks don’t have artwork. It may not be packed with features, but it certainly does work very effectively for users – hence is popularity. It works effortlessly and is free, so be sure to try it out.

Download Pulsar Music App : Link 

  1. Minima Audio Player

minima android music player

Minima was designed to give you an enhanced and fresh experience, developed by XDA. It may not be as powerful as the rest of the apps, but it certainly works well in terms of UI and coverflow. Categories like albums, songs, and playlists all have a stunning design and the features include elements like swipe to close the player, sleep timers and a generally clean and easy-to-use app. Remember that Minima is a budding music app so this may turn you against downloading it – but we still say it’s worth a try. The download is free so it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Download link

  1. Shuttle

shuttle music player app

Shuttle is quite a popular music player and definitely deserves a download. The app has been termed as something similar to Google Play Music – which is a very powerful statement in the Android world. Shuttle’s interface is simple with a clean UI and you can customize elements like themes which is always one of the most wanted traits in the music player app realm. Much like the others, Shuttle offers bass boost with a 6-band equalizer, scrobbling and a sleep timer as well as embedded lyrics and gapless playback. The app is available on a free version, but Shuttle+ gives you a whole new world of features to unlock.

Download Shuttle Music App : Link

The best Android music players of 2017 – designed to meet your needs

Android music players have evolved over the years, and the newer developments all concentrate on giving you a better UI and customization elements. We hope that the list above suits your needs, and do feel free to let us know which is your favorite!

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