Best Instagram Captions 2018 For Friends,Family | Funny,Romantic,Clever & Selfie Quotes List

Best Instagram Captions : Sharing a photo on Instagram along with a caption has become a trend. Instagram with over 500 Million Subscribers is leading photo sharing app , which is owned by Facebook.

Instagram App is specially created for people who love to share their Photos & Videos. They can even edit the photos with Multiple filters & Tag them on Instagram , to make them more attractive.

You can share images & videos publicly or limit them only to your followers. You can even change the settings on Instagram as per your requirement.

best instagram captions

Sharing Personal Photos & Pictures on Instagram is really Fun. Especially sharing them with your friends, followers, family & Colleagues is more fun, if you add a Caption to it.

Simply sharing a photo on Instagram won’t attract users or your followers. With simple tweak i.e. by adding Funny Instagram Caption to it, you can get thousands of likes and ofcourse you can increase your follower base on Instagram.

Here i want to stress one more thing , Adding Instagram Caption / Quote to your picture just for the sake of adding won’t work. Here you should be sensible in adding the Caption and try to create some humour,fun etc depending on the photo you are sharing.

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What is Instagram Caption ?

Caption is simply a heading which you are going to give for your Photo Shared on Instagram.Its more like quote or description to tell your followers about photo & your mood.

Where to get Instagram Caption Ideas ?

Instagram unique instagram Captions is not an easy task .For this you have to follow others Instagram Account & Social networking Accounts like Facebook & Twitter.

You can even get ideas from latest movies released, New Movie Trailers ,Movie Dialogues , Latest Events & happenings on Social Media.

Another Simple Way to get best Instagram Captions is copying others Captions. If you don’t like to copy Caption as it is , then just make small change to it.

Still you don’t know how to get best Instagram Captions ? Then here we are going to collate all the best Cool instagram captions 2018 good for you. You can select the best Caption which suits you or edit the caption as per your requirement.

Best Instagram Captions 2018

Instagram Captions for Self Motivation & Motivating Others

  • Don’t Lust for Useless Things , Your Downfall Starts There
  • Do you have a soul or Do you Have a body ? You Are the soul & it has body.
  • Best Way is love people and use things..But now Most of us are loving things & using people.
  • Sometimes bad things inspires you and changes you.
  • If Something comes to you easily it wont last long..If something lasts long then it comes to you at the cost of something.
  • You are always one decision away from totally different life.
  • Difficult paths often leads to beautiful destinations.
  • I am working on Myself for Myself & by Myself
  • Work while they sleep..Learn While they party ..Save While they spend & Live Like they Dream.
  • A Little Progress Each Day adds up to big Results.
  • When you feel like quitting , then think about why you have started it.
  • Don’t decrease your goal, Instead increase your effort.
  • The Pain you felt yesterday will be the strength you feel Today.
  • Be thankful for what you are now & keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.

Instagram Spiritual Captions / Quotations / Quotes.

  • Scientific Power has outrun our spiritual Power ..Its time to take U Turn.
  • Take Care of your Inner Spiritual Beauty ..It will clearly reflects in your face.
  • Being on Spiritual Path Guides you on how to use Darkness a tool to grow.
  • By being yourself you are putting something wonderful in the world that was never seen before.
  • Love your life ,  life will love you back.
  • Everything in the world is energy..Your Thought starts it ..Your emotion multiples it and your action completes it.
  • Negativity .. It can only effect you,if you are on the same frequency..So time to Vibrate Higher.u
  • The Answers you are looking for never comes when your Mind is occupied.. It comes when your mind is still.

Funny Instagram Captions

  • Here we have shared few Good Instagram Captions , which you can share with school friends, college friends with whom you love the most and with whom you can make fun.
  • Everything is funny , as long as it is happening to somebody else.
  • My Goal this week is to move one Centimetre, So people know i am not dead.
  • I am not lazy , i am in energy saving mode.
  • During Day time ,i am broadminded  i don’t believe in Ghosts ..At night time i am open minded.
  • If people are talking about you behind you , then just ….once…once…once…Fart
  • I Am one step away from being rich ..All i want is money or learn how to earn money
  • A Police Officer came to my House and asked me where i was between 5 & 6…I said “Kindergarten” He slapped me…
  • Everything happens for a reason ..But the reason should not be your stupidity and bad decision making.

Captions for Selfies

Now a days taking Selfies and uploading them social sites is a very common thing..Now the trend is to add a caption to it. Here we are going to share few clever instagram quotes & cool Instagram captions which you can use while uploading selfie pictures on Instagram.

Instagram Caption for best Friends

Instagram Captions for Girl Friends / Boy Friends

Looking for Cute instagram captions to share. with your loved ones i.e. boy friends & Girl friends & Lovers..Here we have compiled a few for you guys.

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