10 Free Music Download Websites Which Are Completely Legal

Music holds the very essence of life and is a great way to relax our senses. Different persons have different choice of music. Some like Rock or Pop genre and others may like Romantic or Classical. We all download music from internet and have one or the other music website as a preference. Today we are going to tell you about Top 10 Free Music Download Websites Which Are Completely Legal.

Best Places to Get Free Music Download Websites

  • SoundCloud

SoundCloud has an impressive collection of songs which can be listened online for free. SoundCloud acts like a community where new and upcoming musicians upload their tunes or songs. Even popular artists share their music on this fantastic platform.Free Music Download Website

Apart from unlimited streaming SoundCloud also offers free music downloads. However only those songs can be downloaded for which the artist has provide permission for download. Download button will be available right next to the song.

  • Jamendo

Jamendo is one of the best site to download music. The free music downloads at Jamendo is provided by Creative Commons licensing. This means that the artist themselves have given permission for their music to be downloaded for free.Jamendo free music downloader

With over 5,00,000 tracks available on Jamendo there are tons of free song downloads available. Songs are categorized into free music, most downloaded, most popular and latest. Jamendo hosts radio channels too. If you come across a track which you like while listening to radio you can download it straight away. Even you can download that entire album in single click. This makes Jamendo one of the best free album download sites.

  • SoundClick

Although the library of SoundClick is not that big as compared to other free music download websites but still it puts up a fairly decent collection of free song downloads.SoundClick free music downloads

SoundClick is a portal which allows music to be downloaded directly from the artist websites. There is a provision of creating custom radio stations too on SoundClick. The music is offered as free MP3 music downloads.

  • NoiseTrade

Various artists from all over the globe put up their songs to be freely downloaded on NoiseTrade making the website as one of the best to download free music online.NoiseTrade Free Songs Download

NoiseTrade acts more like a social network as artists upload their songs for free here which can be downloaded by the artist’s fans without paying a single penny.  If you like a song you can even give out few bucks to the artist. It is a good stage to connect the artists with their fans.

For using NoiseTrade all you need to do is to create a Fan Account and immediately start browsing through music charts.

  • Free Music Archive

Though the interface of this website is not that convenient but still Free Music Archive serves a good purpose of a free music downloader online.free music download website

It is not that anyone can come and upload songs on Free Music Archive. On it playlists are created by music experts which is available for everyone. Hence access to free song downloads on this website is more like accessing a radio station.

There is absolutely no need to create any kind of account to download free music online from Free Music Archive.

  • PureVolume

PureVolume is a community of artists and their fans. An artist signs up and uploads his/ her music. The independent artist are thereafter helped by their fans in spreading their music by listening or downloading the same. Even users can up vote their favourite artists.purevolume free mp3

Not all music can be downloaded. Only that content can be downloaded for which artist has provided permission. This is not worrisome as lots of contents is free to download.

  • BeSonic

You are required to register with BeSonic to access thousands of songs which are available to be downloaded as well as listened to. Registration is absolutely free.

Free music downloader online

Search bar is available on the website and can be used to find your favourite music quickly. Music charts are also available to see what tracks are trending in the genre which you have selected.

  • Amazon MP3

A great deal of free music downloads is available at Amazon making it one of the best free music download websites. Most of the popular tracks are available as free songs download.best site to download music

Although you might not be able to get the latest songs but still it hosts most of the popular songs. Songs available are categorized into genres. For downloading a free song all you have to do is to follow the normal check out process by adding the song to the cart just like you do with a product on Amazon.

  • Audio Library of Internet Archive

Millions of songs are available as free songs download from the audio library of Internet Archive. Music can be sorted according to most viewed, date or the creator. It is hard to look for a song as you can see that sorting and categorization is not up to the mark. The songs are available to be downloaded in multiple formats but this site serves as a major website for free mp3 music downloads.

Free music library

Apart from songs, audiobooks and podcasts are also available in the audio library of Internet Archive.

  • Last.fm

This is actually a radio service through which you can listen to popular and amazing tracks just like you listen to songs from your local radio station.

But apart from this radio service Last.fm also offers free mp3 music downloads. The songs available for download are categorized well into different genres so it won’t be tough looking for a song here.Last fm Free Music Download

Although the collection is limited as compared to other free music download websites but still you can find some popular tracks here.

There is no requirement of creating an account on this music downloader online as you just require to click on the download button and the mp3 song will get downloaded offline for you.

This brings us to the end of this list. All the music fans out there you have this list now of Top 10 Free Music Download Websites Which Are Completely Legal with you. So get going and download free music online from these free album download sites.

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