5 Best VPN’s To Unblock Netflix | Avoid Netflix Proxy Error November 2017

None can dispute the revolution triggered by Amazon for shopping or by Uber for the way we hire cabs. Likewise, Netflix has revolutionized the way we see and enjoy TV shows and movies! A sensation by itself, Netflix is riding the phenomenal wave of success like Amazon and Uber. Today its service is spanned over 190 countries and enjoys over 93 million subscribers.

However, this juggernaut in the entertainment industry follows a regional discrimination, licensing and pricing policy. By this, we mean that its price in different geographical location varies. Simultaneously, the license of the content is regionalized. Thus, not all population across the globe can enjoy the same video and movies which is approved to stream exclusively in the U.S. or the U.K

Best VPN’s For Netflix 2017

Most VPN services found a way to circumvent its barrier and allow users, its unrestricted access. In response, Netflix upped the game and cracked down on many VPN and proxy services which allowed users to spoof their online location. Today, Netflix has implemented a comprehensive and robust overseas VPN ban that prevents audiences from across the globe to access Exclusive UK, US or even Canadian content. Consequently, most VPN services are unable to get past the Netflix restrictions for streaming content. You get a Netflix proxy error when you try to access the site through these VPNs. However, few VPN services managed to hold the fort. They offer you Netflix uncurbed content streaming. Listed below are some terrific VPN options which unblock the Netflix site for you to enjoy unbridled streaming of content.

  • ExpressVPN

With a highly successful track record of avoiding the Netflix proxy error till date, ExpressVPN is one vendor who openly talks about providing access to American Netflix. They even have a dedicated page on Netflix access on their website as well. A high-end service provider with servers in 94 countries, it caters to almost all needs of an average internet user to the tee. With SSL security and 256-bit encryption, it offers top security and a top class privacy policy as well. Since they have their personal DNS servers, they give you an extra layer of privacy protection. With consistent high speed and quick connectivity, their performance is bound to leave you delighted! By changing the servers connecting to Netflix randomly, it avoids chances of you getting detected and caught. Subscribing to the service is easy, and installation is a cake walk. The service is on the expensive side, but you can cut it by sharing it with friends as it allows three connections at the same time. It also offers you a 30-day money back guarantee. You can easily download the service-app on your mobile as well. It works seamlessly with the Netflix app so that you can enjoy video content while on the go! Amplify the Internet and Download ExpressVPN

  • NordVPN

Based in Panama, this is another awesome service which is not on the Netflix blocking VPN list. With servers spanned over 57 countries, it offers you high-speed HD streaming along with top-end security features. It also includes military-grade encryption. NordVPN openly admits to getting featured on the Netflix blocking VPN list, but they rave about their SmartPlay technology as their arsenal. Using this, they bypassed the wall and allowed easy and private internet access of Netflix. Working on all platforms with terrific functionality on the mobile app as well, it offers you a free 3-day trial as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. On the flip side, few moan of facing some hiccups while connecting and the speed slowing down at times. Its best deal is its 2-year subscription which gives you a 72% discount on the monthly bill.Subscribe to NordVPN

  • VyprVPN

Another awesome VPN to facilitate private internet access of Netflix, this proxy software offers you military-grade encryption and mind-blowing security features. Operated by Golden Frog, they offer a guaranteed no-logs policy, but they do preserve the connection logs with themselves. Because of this feature, the proxy software is ideal for those who simply want to access Netflix unhindered and are not overly concerned about online privacy. An easy to install and user-friendly software, this Hungary based brand offers you satisfactory speed with an excellent level of security. In the past one odd year, they have dramatically increased their number of servers to over 700 around the world. The brand claims of offering you the fastest access to Netflix, It offers an additional service on premium package, Chameleon, a tool that masters in defeating VPN blocking. As it is available on all platforms, you can access Netflix on your Smartphone as well. Presently, it is offering you a lucrative 3-days free trial period followed with a straight 50% discount on the first-month subscription. Download Worlds Most Powerful VPN.

  • PrivateVPN

The product of a Swedish company, the PrivateVPN has servers across 50 countries and is well-reputed for unblocking Netflix catalogs. Super-fast connection speed, HD-quality streaming, ability to use the VPN on six connections simultaneously, user-friendly software, pro-security features with military-grade encryption are just a few hallmarks of the proxy software. Its pricing is extremely tough to beat but arsenal with a 30-day money back guarantee; it is irresistible. However, its DNS needs a manual configuration. The steps are easy though, and the manual guide eases your worries further. It is an ideal platform to access Netflix. Access PrivateVPN Unblock Netflix

unblock netflix

  • Strong VPN

Strong VPN is a perfect fit for all those who wish to access the UK and USA Netflix unhindered. With its own Strong DNS service, high security, broad protocol support, the service is simple and covers all essentials. It works on all leading platforms and can be manually set up for the rest. 24/7 live support is a welcome bonus. Its low cost, 5-day refund policy and 40% discount on its annual package fuels its attractiveness. The proxy software works best on browsers and may not allow satisfactory performance on the mobile platform. It is an ideal choice particularly for China and adjoining Asian countries. Unlock unlimited Internet

Bottom Line

Unblocking Netflix via a VPN is a murky endeavor. We have tried to provide you with options that are the forefront of security and privacy. You can let go of the fear of being snooped on! Do enjoy Netflix in a better way and share this with others facing trouble in accessing Netflix.

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