How to Check your own Mobile Number on Airtel,Vodafone,Idea, Reliance Jio,BSNL, Docomo,Aircel using USSD Codes ?

Don’t know your Phone Number ? May be You are using Airtel,Vodafone,Idea or Reliance Jio Sim. Want to Check and find your Phone Number ? You may be surprised why people forget their own mobile number , Right ? ..Let me explain you a scenario.

Suppose you have been using a phone number [ SIM ] for the last few years ,then is there is no problem of knowing your phone number.As the number is already is stored in your memory,so you need not to check it again.

But what if you have taken new SIM Card [ Any Operator ] ? Remembering the phone number for first the few days / months is not going to be an easy task. In Such case you definitely need an option to check Airtel Phone number / Vodafone number check  / Find  Idea number frequenty [ atleast for the first few days ].And the best option is to check mobile number using USSD Code.If you are not aware of USSD Code ?  USSD code stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data,which is given your telecom provider i.e. SIM Provider to check your phone number and various offers related to your Mobile Number. This USSD Code varies for each Telecom Network [ Will be same for all the SIM Cards of Same Network ]. They have predefined USSD codes to check Balance,check internet data,to check mobile number and to check various offers. So before using USSD Code,it is your responsibility to check and confirm the USSD related to a company i.e. Airtel USSD Code will be different from Vodafone USSD Codes, similarly for Idea,BSNL,Reliance Jio etc.

Hope you guys now got some information on necessity of Checking Phone number using USSD Code. Ofcourse you can check Phone number manually by dialling / calling your friends,Dad,Mom from you new SIM Card.

Now let’s see USSD Codes of different Operators in India to check your new Phone number which you forgtot. Most of the USSD Codes listed here are working. Just you need open the Dial pad in your phone and enter the USSD Code given by your telecom operator.

Check Your Phone  Number of  New / Old  Sim Card Using USSD Code

USSD Code Check own Number in Airtel       :       *121*9# or *1#

USSD Code to Find Mobile Number in Aircel    :   *131# or *1#

Know own Mobile Number in Idea    :     *131*1#

USSD Code for MTNL MObile Number  :  *8888#

USSD Code to Check own Number in Reliance  :   *1# or *111#

Check own Number in TATA DOCOMO :  *1# Or *124#

Check Vodafone Mobile Number with USSD Code   :         *111*2#

USSD Code to Get Lost Phone Number in BSNL :  *1#

Check  Own Phone Number in Reliance JIO         :  Using App

Here we are going to explain more information about USSD Codes related to different telecom operators to check own Mobile number.

Check Airtel Mobile Number Using USSD Code [ My Airtel Number ]

Checking Airtel Phone number of your sim card is as simple as dialling a phone number. Only thing is,you must be aware of Airtel USSD Code. You can make use of this option,if there is no balance in account / if you don’t have another phone number to check it manually.

Know Airtel number :    *121*1# or *121*9#

How to Know My Vodafone Number

Another leading operator in India, Vodafone has also given USSD codes to know your own Vodafone number. This option comes handy when you don’t have Call balance in your Account.

Know Your Own Vodafone number :      *111*2#

How to Check My New Idea Mobile Number

Idea , second biggest telecom network in India recently merged with Vodafone to compete with Reliance jio. Idea in every possible way serves its customers to fullest. Idea Users who forgot their mobile number,need not to worry. There is a simple solution in the form of USSD Code.4

Check Mobile Number of your own Idea SIM :   *131*1#

Check BSNL Mobile Phone Number Using USSD Code

Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited , telecom Operator owned by Indian Government is next in the list. BSNL gives tough competition to its competitors and in some ways,it is way ahead of other operators like Vodafone,Idea,Airtel etc. BSNL has planned USSD Code for it users who forgort their own mobile number.

Know Bsnl number by USSD Code           :   *222#         *888#

Hope we have covered all the information on checking own mobile numbers using USSD codes for different Operators. If we have missed out any important information, please do let us know in the comments section.

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