10 Best Internet Archive Sites | Way Back Machine Alternatives

Best Substitutes for Internet Archive / Wayback Machine: Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library based in San Francisco. Free access is provided by it to all for viewing digital materials such as websites, software applications, music, movies, images plus books available on public domain. ‘Wayback Machine’ is the name used for Internet Archive’s service which has archived about 300 billion webpages as of now.

This service is used for viewing websites as to what their previous versions used to look like. Also original source code, of the websites that are no longer directly available, can be accessed. Also there are many websites which don’t exist as of now. Through Wayback Machine one can visit those discontinued websites too. Though ‘Internet Archive’ and ‘Wayback Machine’ are two separate terms but due to their common usage they have become synonymous amongst the masses.

The Internet Archive website is very much in vogue nowadays. However at some times it might happen that due to one issue or the other you might not be able to access the Wayback Machine service of the Internet Archive website. In such scenario it becomes imperative to have some substitutes or similar sites in hand. This post will detail Top 10 Best Internet Archive / Wayback Machine Alternatives.


ScreenShots is a very popular name in the list of site like Internet Archive. As clear from the name it only captures the screenshot of the relative web pages. As of now it has a database of about 250 million screenshots.

ScreenShots Internet Archive

Only the home page along with ads and images is captured by ScreenShots. The source code remains in the control of the owner for security reasons. The Domain Tools API gives a good amount of information regarding the history of the website including all the major and minor changes performed.

  • Archive.is

Archive.is is another very popular listing in site like Internet Archive. It comes with great features and functionality which are not present in the internet archive website itself. Moreover this site is gaining traction nowadays due to it being extremely user friendly.

archive Internet Archive

Both screenshots as well as source code can be found here. An option to share the screenshot of the webpage is also available. Besides this both the source code as well as relative screenshot can be downloaded for further study.

  • iTools

ITools is highly dependable and provides us with different kinds of data regarding the website we searched for including competitors as well as traffic for the website. Database of ‘Alexa’ is accessed by this website.

iTools Best Internet ArchiveYou can get to know visitor details, total daily visitors, ranking and much more. So you can access all the information pertaining to the background of a website.

  • CompetitorScreenshots.com

Competitor Screenshots is a reliable name in the list of similar sites like Internet Archive website. For accessing data through this website you are required to register on it. Post one-time registration you can get your hands on screenshots, email campaigns and social media activities of a website for past 60 days. This data can be used to create a market strategy.Wayback Machine Alternative Site

If you want to access information beyond this 60 day limit you will be require to shell out $120 a month.

  • Pagefreezer

Just like its name Pagefreezer freezes the webpages in its database. All information pertaining to a website is stored and can be used for building up a business strategy and to get to know about the website’s competitors.

Best Internet Archive

A user friendly interface really helps to dig deep down into the history of the website.

  • Webcite

Webcite is used mainly by writers, editors, and publishers. A user can cite some references and based upon those references screenshots will be displayed to the user.Webcite Internet Archive

This is one of the best similar sites like internet archive website as it archives or stores the entire HTML code of the webpage along with any linked documents or images. So there is no doubt that this website is extremely reliable. Other plus points which add to its popularity is its user friendliness and a sufficient database size.

  • Alexa

Alexa needs no introduction as almost all users are familiar with this popular similar site like internet archive website. Owned by Amazon.com, Alexa can be used to study various details of a website by just using a browser extension.  It is used to get information regarding ranking of the website and keyword research for competitive analysis.Alexa Internet Archive

Also Alexa can be used to view various other statistics for a particular website like information on its domain, age of the website, links as well as referring domains.

All you need is to enter the web address of any website and you will get detailed information regarding past visits, areas where it is frequently visited as well as duration of each visit.

  • URLinfo by Fagan Finder

This is classified as a website studying tool. It provides us with 113 different tools which provides you with all information of the website like stats, archive, users, domain age and much more.

Best Wayback machine sitesThis is a free tool and all you are require is to enter the URL of the website, of which you want details, in the Search Bar and click on ‘View Page’ button. Thereafter you can select from the options available to view the data pertaining to that option.

  • YubNub

YubNub is a great tool similar to internet archive website which gives you all the commercial and business related information of a website. You can use the same for your business related purposes.Internet Archive

YubNub is extremely user friendly and works just like a search engine. All you are required to do is enter the URL of the website in the search tab on its home page and hit the ‘Search’ button. That’s it; you will get all the required details now in front of you.

  • Whois.net

This is another great site to view the history of any website. It is not that much similar to internet archive website but it does solve the purpose to obtain information related to the history and ownership of a particular website.

You can find the domain registration as well as expiration date of a website here. Also archived version of the website will be available to you. Whois.net is completely free and there is no requirement of even any kind of registration to use its services.Whois Internet Archive

So my dear friends these were the Top 10 Best Internet Archive / Wayback Machine Alternatives. In case you are unable to use the Wayback Machine service due to one reason or the other you can always consult either one of the above mentioned options to solve your purpose.

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