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pandora radio app data usagePandora Radio Application | Frequently Asked Questions : The origin of Pandora Radio can be traced back to the Music Genome Project which was first conceptualized by Tim Westergren and Will Glazer. It is a music streaming and automatic music recommendation service. Classified as a personal music service; there are lots of questions floating around for Pandora Radio like how it works, whether we can use it offline or not and similar others. In this guide we attempt to answer all the frequently asked questions pertaining to Pandora Internet Radio.

How Pandora Radio Works?

If we take the case of a normal radio station we listen to songs or content which are broadcasted pre-compiled over the internet. However this is not the case with Pandora Radio application.

The patented Music Genome Project is utilized for recommending or playing songs based on our input. We, as a user, thereafter provide a positive or a negative feedback i.e. thumbs up or thumbs down for the same. The feedback that we provide is taken into account and subsequent songs are played according to it. Pandora Radio can be accessed through a web browser as well as through mobile or PC application.

Pandora Application for Android Phone : Click here to get from google play store

Pandora Application Web / Desktop Version : Official Website

So basically Pandora has no concept of ratings or genre. It doesn’t suggest songs based on what others like; instead; musical structures which are present in the songs which the user likes is analyzed with the help of a patented Music Genome consisting of about 400 musical attributes. Based on the results obtained; songs possessing similar traits are played.

Also a menu is provided with different options like ‘I am tired of this song’ which means that the particular song for which this menu option is clicked will be removed from the station temporarily. A ‘Move song to another station’ option is also provided through which we can either move the particular song to another station or create a new station for the same.

Explicit lyrics for the songs or albums that come with a ‘Parental Advisory’ level can be muted or censored. There is a relative option provided to each member account for the same.

Does Pandora Radio has an option of creating a free account?

There, definitely, is a free account. However it comes with certain limitations. Advertisements become a inseparable part of each song while streaming using a free account. Also the song skip option is limited and a maximum cap of 12 per day is set for the same. If all skips are utilized then they will be renewed post midnight of each day.

What Audio Format & Bit-rate is used to stream songs?

The songs are compressed and played in AAC Plus format. For free Pandora Radio application the final bit rate is set at 128 Kbps. However the paid version, Pandora One, high quality music streaming up till 192 Kbps is available. Here on this blog we have covered detailed information on best mp3 music players for android..Just go through it once

How to use Pandora Radio App offline?

The feature of playing your favourite beats from Pandora Application offline is available both for Android as well as iOS devices. However for getting access to Pandora offline you need to be a paid subscriber either through Pandora Plus ($5 a month) or Pandora Premium ($10 a month).

You require fair amount of data to download content to your device so it is recommended to use Wi-Fi for the task rather than relying on mobile data.

Also accessing Pandora offline is not possible if you are using the application for the first time. So you actually need to create a few stations and listen to them so that Pandora Radio knows about your favourite and most listened stations.

There will be ‘three lines’ visible at the top left side of the application. In order to bring out the ‘Menu’ these ‘three lines’ are required to be hit. Thereafter an ‘Offline Mode’ slider will be visible. Upon sliding the bar to the right side the offline mode for Pandora Radio will be initiated. Post initiation of the offline mode top 4 stations from Pandora will be synced and downloaded to your mobile device. Now usage data for the same will be high so it is recommended to use Wi-Fi.

That’s it; just a few minutes wait is required for the process to get over. Post successful completion of the download and sync for the most listened radio stations; whenever it is desired offline mode can be turned on using the same slider button.

It’s always great to have one’s favourite beats offline so as to listen them even without a connection or in weak connection areas.

How Much Data does the Pandora Radio Application Use?

A free subscription for Pandora offers songs to be played at 64 Kbps or 128 Kbps. A paid or premium subscription for Pandora offers songs to be played at 192 Kbps as well along with the former bitrates.

So per song usage data will be approximately .75 MB per song at 64 Kbps; 1.5 to 3 MB per song at 128 Kbps and 3 to 4.5 MB at 192 Kbps. These statistics can be attributed to a 15 MB per hour usage at the lowest end while 90 MB per hour data usage at the highest end.

Consequently the data usage whether over mobile data or Wi-Fi is pretty high in Pandora Radio Application. The feature of getting top 4 stations offline is best to save on precious usage data.

It is highly recommended to pause the music when not listening; instead of lowering down the volume; so as to save on data consumption. Also using Wi-Fi is always better than using mobile data.

So my dear friends these were the frequently asked questions and their answers pertaining to Pandora Radio Application. We hope that all common questions are covered.In case you still have any query or question in your mind you can always drop the same in comments below so that the answer for the same can be updated and it will benefit other readers too.

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