How to Log Out From Play Store In Android SmartPhones

In today’s advanced technical era almost everybody out there has a smartphone and majority of those smartphones run on an Android operating system. Android, with millions of applications under its hood, is truly the leading one in the race of mobile operating systems.

So when you have to install an application on your Android smartphone you navigate to Google Play Store; search your application; hit on Install and boom! The application is on your device. Now to get access to Google Play Store you need to sign in to it through your Google Account. But lately, I noticed that I can’t see a way to sign out from Google Play Store.

I straight away hit the World Wide Web and to my amazement, the same problem was being faced by many people from around the globe. So today I will share with my Android friends 2 methods by which you can sign out from Google Play Store on Android device. 

how to logout from gogole play store?

Log Off From Google Play Store On Android:

Method 1: Using Your Android Device’s Settings For The Task

  • This is the easiest method out there to do the trick. Under this, you will be removing your Google account from Play Store.
  • First of all, you are required to go to “Settings” on your Android smartphone.
  • Under the “Settings” option you will find a sub-option of “Accounts and Sync”.
  • Thereafter under “Accounts and Sync” you will find the account which you have currently associated with your Play Store. Tap on it.
  • When you tap into your respective account a screen for Data Synchronization will be visible in front of you.
  • Now if you see the top right-hand corner of this screen you will find a drop-down button.
  • Click on that drop-down button and from the menu that pops up choose the option of “Remove Account.”
  • Bang!! It is done. Now you won’t be able to see this account associated with your Google Play Store.
  • Further, if you want to log in again using the same account then you are required to add the account again for proceeding.
  • This works on All the Versions of Android  

Method 2: Using An Android Application For The Task

  • Android truly has an application for everything. I guess some developers, earlier in itself, have recognized this issue of signing out and that’s why they developed an application named as “Log Out!”
  • You can easily find this app on Google Play Store. Hit “Install” to get the application on your Android device.
  • Once the application has finished getting installed open it on your device.
  • When you open the app; two options will be visible in front of you: “Log out all* accounts” and “Cancel.”
  • Click on the first option and boom! You are signed out from all your accounts on your device including Google Play Store.
  • However, it won’t sign you out from your WhatsApp or Skype account.

So, folks, these were the two simple tricks to help you sign out from Google Play Store account on your Android phone. For More Details visit Google Play Support Center.

If you have any questions to ask feel free to comment down below. Also if you have any other tried and tested method for the same task then do tell us below in the comments section.

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