Top 10 Best Free Music Making Software / Apps For Windows & MAC Computer

These music making software provides a virtual stage or platform to artists to record, edit, mix and even modify music tracks. The major benefit of these digital audio workstations is that there is no need for physical music instruments for producing music as all the major musical instrument are in-built in these music programs for PC.

Today we bring you the list of Top 10 Best Free Music Creation Software for Windows 10, Windows 8/7 PC/ Laptop & MAC Computer. The following list contains music app for beginners. However if you want to take your music abilities to higher platform then you must go for a premium music program.

Best Free Music Creation Softwares

  • Audacity

Audacity is extremely light weight and is one of the very easy to use music programs for PC. Meant for Windows, MAC as well as Linux it can be used to record live audio as well as record computer music creation software

Using Audacity you can convert tapes and records into digital recordings. You can cut or copy sounds and mix sounds together. Besides this the speed of recording and the audio’s pitch, treble and bass can be modified too.

  • Darkwave Studio

This free music production software comes for 64-bit Windows 10, Windows 8 as well as Windows 7. The user interface of Darkwave is very well designed with every option provided in separate programs for pc

This Darkwave free music creation software has 8 different modules including pattern editor, HD recorder for recording streaming audio, sequence editor, MIDI input and percussion synthesizer. Along with this 19 built-in plug-ins are there to add certain virtual effects to your tracks. There is an option for adding more plug-ins as well.

  • Hydrogen

Hydrogen is another free music creation software which is more of a drum machine. Compatible with Windows, MAC as well as Linux this open-source music production software includes various drum kits like Jazz, Rock, Stick, Snare etc.Hydrogen Free Music Composing Software

A pattern sequencer with unlimited patterns is also provided. Provision of mixing and addition of some extra special effects is provided as well.

  • Ardour

Ardour, compatible with MAC and Linux, is a free electronic music software that is fully capable of taking the space of any digital or analog tape system.

free music creation software

You can record and edit  Audio and MIDI Multi-Track. Host of different plug-ins are present in this free software for your MAC PC.

  • LMMS

This cross platform, free electronic music software, consists of 5 editors as well as variety of different synthesizers which you can use to give final touches to your music.

LMMS free music production software


The five editors consist of Song Editor for composing melodies, a Beat+Bassline Editor to consolidate instrument tracks with, Piano Roll, Automation Editor and an FX Editor with 64 FX Channels with which you can mix FX channels.

You can import both MIDI as well as Hydrogen Project files in the song editor of LMMS. Besides these various powerful musical instruments and effects are available. Also additional plug-ins can be added to further enhance music creation experience on this one of the best music programs for PC.

  • Mixxx

This program is available on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 as well as MAC Computer. Mixxx will transform you into a complete DJ as it provides everything which is required to make DJ mixes.

free music creation software

iTunes integration further increases the power of this one of the best DJ Mix music programs for PC. Its mixing engine is really powerful and this free music production software can be used effortlessly when you are a DJ for an in-house party or spinning in a club.

  • Rosegarden

Rosegarden, which is a music composing and editing software for PC, is based around a MIDI composing and editing software

This free music creation software includes a basic level support for digital audio. Several different ways are present for recording as well as editing notes. You can record and mix audio. Variety of different effects are available which you can mix with your audio.

Also various samples are put in which makes Rosegarden a convenient app for beginners as these samples serve as good reference tools.

  • Garageband

Garageband is one of the best, easiest and topmost free music creation software for MAC Computer.

A song can be made with the inclusion of up to 255 tracks. Whatever musical instrument you can think of; it is present in Garageband.ree music production software

The best feature of Garageband is that you can even use this free electronic music software for learning music instruments like guitar and keyboard.

  • Temper

Temper is basically a MIDI and Audio sequencer which you can easily integrate with other software with a mere drag-and-drop or via music composing software

More emphasis is laid on MIDI in Temper as it contains a very powerful MIDI editing environment as compared to other free music production software.

The composition tools in Temper follow an algorithmic approach. You can edit more than one track at a time in Temper. The audio engine is built on multi-core which makes editing smooth and fast.

  • Studio One Prime

Available for Windows platform, Studio One Prime is a freeware version of Presonus Studio One. Although it does lack some of the excellent features which you will get only with the paid version, but it still has excellent tools to produce great music, which are not found in any other similar free music production software.Best Free Music Making Softwar For PC

Nine native audio effects can be added to the music tracks. Even latency compensation tool is present in this freeware version which enhances the quality of your music.

The number of audio tracks, FX and virtual instruments is unlimited in Studio One Prime making it one of the best free music creation software for Windows 10, Windows 8 and even Windows 7.

We have reached the end of this list of Top 10 Best Free Music Creation Software for Windows 10, Windows 8/7 PC/ Laptop & MAC Computer.  I hope you are able to find the free music production software according to your needs. So get going and hop into the seat of a music composer.

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