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Cast your Screen to HDMI TV Without Wi-Fi: We all know about Google Chromecast and in a very short time it has become an inseparable part of your life. This small device connects to the HDMI Port of our television or any other HDMI enabled device and thereafter we can mirror our Android or iOS device’s content straight to our HDMI Device. Sounds cool! Isn’t it?

Use chromecast without wifi

With Chromecast you can access You Tube, Netflix and many other services and that too on big screen doubling the amount of entertainment. But there are many circumstances when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection and neither an internet connection then what you will do? Don’t worry as we are here to help you on this. Read ahead to get to know as to how to use Chromecast Without Wi-Fi; Without Internet.

How to Use ChromeCast without Wifi Network / Internet ?

Chromecast Without Wi-Fi

  • No Wi-Fi? No Internet? Don’t worry as Google now allows you to stream content which you have locally stored in your mobile device or on your laptop without any internet connection. Also you can mirror your device without Wi-Fi. Kindly note that you can mirror the display of only Android device on your Chromecast. No similar option is available for iOS as of now.
  • Do you have 4G Data in your mobile hand set? Then there is absolutely no need to worry as you can stream your favourite content on 4G on your device and mirror it to your Chromecast without any hassles. This will save you from hard efforts that we put in struggling around with hot spots.
  • Chromecast now also has a feature which is called “Guest Mode.” Through this feature your device is opened to guests without the requirement of your guests being connected to Wi-Fi. Now when the respective person will launch an app which supports Google Cast a special Wi-Fi signal will be detected by the device and the Cast icon will be visible within the application. Now a 4 digit number will be generated by Chromecast and transferred by short inaudible tones. If you  are unable to pair using audio pairing then even you can enter the number manually. Boom! Your Chromecast is connected to your guest device now.

Chromecast on Hotel Wi-Fi:

  • Now if you are travelling and you are unable to connect to Chromecast using Hotel Wi-Fi because of various restrictions put up by hotel owners then you can use Travel Router.
  • You are required to set up your Travel Router first at home.
  • Now connect your Chromecast to it via the Chromecast app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Thereafter you can connect the Pocket Router to the hotel’s Ethernet connection.
  • If you require to login then you can connect your another device to the router and login using web browser.
  • Boom! Your Chromecast device is now connected. Stream to your satisfaction now.

So folks these were the steps to use Chromecast without Internet or No Wi-Fi.

If you have any questions to ask then feel free to ask by putting them down in the comments section. Also if you have another way in mind to use Chromecast in difficult situations then let us know about it too.

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